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2018 High Power Rifle Schedule

Click Here for a printable version. Last updated 1-22-18


Saturday, March 24    CMP Garand B                                                                                               Racine


Sunday, April 1          EASTER

Saturday, April 7         Fullbore LR Individual Fund Raiser (300,500,600, 1000 yd),                        Lodi

Sunday, April 8           Palma® Individual Fund Raiser (800,900,1000 yd),                                      Lodi

Saturday, April 14       CMP Junior Club Fund Raiser (200,300,600 yd),                                          Lodi

Saturday, April 28       Small Arms Firing School Reduced Nicolet Rifle Club                                  Green Bay

Saturday, April 28       Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                              Eau Claire

Saturday, April 28       New Shooters High Power Match    200yd                                                 Daniel Boone

Sunday, April 29         80 shot NMC,                                                                                                  Eau Claire

Saturday, May 5         Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               WI Rapids

Saturday, May 5         Palma® Individual Iron Sight, LR Regional (800,900,1000 yd),                     Lodi

Sunday, May 6          80 shot NMC,                                                                                                   WI Rapids

Sunday, May 6            1000 yd Individual, Palma® Rifle, Iron Sight, LR Regional (pm),                  Lodi

Saturday May 12        Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               LaCrosse

Saturday, May 12       F/G Class 600 Yard                                                                                        Negaunee, MI

Sunday, May 13          Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               LaCrosse

Sunday, May 13         MOTHER’S DAY

Saturday, May 19       CMP Highpower 80 shot standard course,                                                    Wausau

Saturday, May 19       80 shot 200 yd reduced, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                   Green Bay

Sunday, May 20          CMP EIC Service Rifle Leg Match,                                                                Wausau

Saturday, May 26       4-Man Team, 50 shot NMC Triple Crown Regional (200,300,600 yd)            Lodi

Sunday, May 27          100 shot NMC Individual Triple Crown Regional (200,300,600 yd),              Lodi

Monday, May 28         Palma® Individual (800,900,1000 yd),                                                           Lodi

Monday, May 28        MEMORIAL DAY

Saturday, June 2        NMC/Service Rifle State Championship (200,300,600 yd),                       LaCrosse

Sunday, June 3           NMC/Service Rifle State Championship (200,300,600 yd),                       LaCrosse

Saturday, June 9        80 shot 200 yd reduced, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                   Green Bay

Monday, June 11        Junior Clinic Training,                                                                                     WI Rapids

Saturday, June 16      Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               LaCrosse

Sunday, June 17         Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               LaCrosse

Sunday, June 17       FATHER’S DAY

Monday, June 18        Midwest Palma® 4-Man Team or Individual Practice,                                   Lodi

Tuesday, June 19       Midwest Palma® Individual (800,900,1000 yd)(am),                                     Lodi

Tuesday, June 19       1200 yd Individual (pm),                                                                                 Lodi

Wednesday, June 20  Midwest Palma® Individual (800,900,1000 yd(am),                                      Lodi

Wednesday, June 20  2-Man Team (900 yd)(pm),                                                                            Lodi

Thursday, June 21      Midwest Palma® Individual (800,900,1000 yd)(am),                                     Lodi

Thursday, June 21      2-Man Team (1000 yd)(pm),                                                                          Lodi

Friday, June 22           Three 1000 yd Individual Matches (Awards Banquet after match),               Lodi

Saturday, June 23      Gillespie Memorial Palma® Individual LR State Championship,            Lodi

Saturday, June 23      Vintage Team Sniper Match,                                                                          WI Rapids

Saturday, June 23      80 shot NMC,                                                                                                  Negaunee, MI

Sunday, June 24         1000 yd Individual Long Range State Championship,                             Lodi

Sunday, June 24         CMP EIC Leg match,                                                                                     Negaunee, MI

Saturday, June 30      M1 Garand, Nicolet Rifle Club                                                                        Green Bay

Wednesday, July 4     M1 Garand,                                                                                                     Eau Claire

Wednesday, July 4   INDEPENDENCE DAY

Saturday, July 7          80 shot NMC,                                                                                                  Eau Claire

Saturday, July 7          Reduced NMC State Championship  200 yd                                              Daniel Boone

Sunday, July 8            CMP Leg,                                                                                                        Eau Claire

Monday, July 9            Junior Clinic Training,                                                                                     Eau Claire

Saturday, July 14        80 shot 200 yd reduced, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                   Green Bay

Saturday, July 14        M1 Garand Vintage Rifle,                                                                               Negaunee, MI

Saturday, Aug. 4         80 shot NMC League Grand Finale (200,300,600 yd),                                  Lodi

Saturday, Aug. 4         YMCA match,                                                                                                 Racine

Sunday, Aug. 5           Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd Approved,                                                              Lodi

Saturday, Aug. 11       80 shot NMC (200,300,600 yards),                                                                Lodi

Sunday, Aug. 12         Three 1000 yd matches,                                                                                 Lodi

Saturday, Aug. 18       Vintage Sniper,                                                                                               WI Rapids

Saturday, Aug. 18       80 shot 200 yd reduced, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                   Green Bay

Saturday, Aug. 25       Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd State Championship (corn/brat boil),                LaCrosse

Sunday, Aug. 26         Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd State Championship,                                         LaCrosse

Saturday, Sept. 1        Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               Eau Claire

Sunday, Sept. 2          80 shot NMC,                                                                                                  Eau Claire

Monday, Sept. 3          M1 Garand (D Fox Memorial),                                                                        Eau Claire

Monday, Sept. 3        LABOR DAY

Saturday, Sept. 8        80 shot 200 yd reduced, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                   Green Bay

Sunday, Sept. 9          State Garand Championship,                                                                      Wausau

Saturday, Sept. 15      M1 Garand, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                                       Green Bay

Saturday, Sept. 29      Mid-Range 4-gun 600 yd,                                                                               Eau Claire

Sunday, Sept. 30        80 shot NMC,                                                                                                  Eau Claire

Saturday, Oct. 6          100 shot 200 yd reduced Chili match, Nicolet Rifle Club,                              Green Bay

Saturday, Oct. 6          Navy Cup Birthday match,                                                                              Racine

Monday, Oct. 8          COLUMBUS DAY

Saturday, Oct. 13        Garand match, Nicolet Rifle Club,                                                                  Green Bay

Saturday, Dec. 8         CMP Garand B,                                                                                              Racine



Eau Claire Rifle Club

8768 N Shore Dr, Eau Claire, WI 54703

Contact: James Melville

email: ecnrcmatch@gmail.com

4532 160th St 

Chippewa Falls WI 54729

Phone:  715-450-6463


Racine County Line Rifle Club

8922 Rifle Range Rd, Racine, WI 53402

Contact: Steve Suhr

email: stevesuhr44@att.net

3944 W. Valley View Dr

Franklin, WI 53132-7803


Green Bay-Nicolet Rifle Club

2710 St Pats Rd, Suamico, WI 54313

Contact: Paul Reynolds

email: preynolds@new.rr.com


LaCrosse Rifle Club

4844 N Chipmunk Rd, Stoddard, WI 54658

Contact: Bill Quadzinski

email: quadzinski@aol.com

N168 Johnson Rd

Stoddard WI 54658

Phone:  608-787-5421


Wausau-Marathon County

2173 Rifle Road. Mosinee, WI 54455

Contact: Eric Heggelund

email:  heggelund@airnetisp.com

Phone:  715-571-0466

Elmer Neises, email: mcrpc_wi@yahoo.com

Phone:  715-223-7301


WI Rapids-Wood County Rifle & Pistol Club

3330 Range Rd., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495          

Contact: Walter Schoenick


4431 Griffith Avenue                         

Wisconsin Rapids WI   54494


Lodi-Winnequah Gun Club

W10219 Larson Dr, Lodi, WI 53555

Contact: Earl or Karin Liebetrau

email:  ekl@mwt.net

10890 Cornell Dr

Viola WI 54664

Phone:  608-345-7989


Negaunee Rod and Gun Club

341 Co Rd JA, Negaunee, MI 49866

Contact: Reg Lipp

Email: upguns@aol.com

Phone: 906-486-7418


For Club, Event, or Match information or for Results, click on the appropriate Club.

Beloit Rifle Club - Border States - Columbus Sportsman's Association - Duane Corbin Range - Eau Claire National Rifle Club - Heritage Shooting Inc. 

La Crosse Rifle Club - Racine County Line Rifle Club - Pine River Sports Assoc. - Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club - West Bend Barton Sportsmans Club - Winnequah Gun Club - Wood County Rifle & Pistol Club

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